1. Is Grampa's a Stinkbait or Bloodbait? No it is a Non-Toxic,Non-Wildlife doughbait made pretty much with stuff you would find in your kitchen with a few specialty items. It actually smells pretty good.
  2. Are You in any retail sport stores or bait shops ? Honestly I just started recently trying to market my fish attractant. I was just selling it out of the back of my jeep at the lake&online though  it is growing daily.






  • The fish must be caught using Grampa's Do- Bait
  • Grampa's Do- bait container must be in the picture

By submitting your photograph, you agree to the following conditions.

  • If you want your photograph returned, you must either (1) include $1.00 for postage or (2) include an order of $25.00 or more.
  • You agree that Grampa's Do- Bait can display your submitted photograph, complete or a portion thereof, on this website.
  • You understand that Grampa's Do- Bait reserves the right not to display your submitted photograph for any reason, meaning that just because you send a photograph in does not mean it will be displayed.  We will try to display as many as possible.

If you wish to have your name and or location and or comments about your photograph included, briefly indicate how you would like this to appear when you submit your photograph.

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